5 Reasons To Purchase Winter Edition NFT Skins

2 min readDec 28, 2022

HO-HO-HO! A special offer from Metarun is here. Grab the Limited Edition NFTs and participate in the $BUSD Raffle to win $1000+. Sounds like a perfect New Year Gift, doesn’t it? Discover even more reasons to jump into WinterFest below 👇

💎 Limited Edition

There are 3 exclusive NFT skins for 3 characters, which will NEVER be released again. Grab your exclusive skin to shine bright on the runway!

💫 Only Mythical NFT Skins

The Metarun team launched Mythical skins for the WinterFest. The Mythical NFT Kind is the highest NFT Kind, which determines the highest Characters’ Statistics and gives the maximum League Level — Diamond — which in turn gives the maximum earnings. Learn more about Leagues from this article.

⚡️Bonus Included

When buying an NFT, you are buying a Playable NFT Skin, which has certain characteristics giving specific earning potential, but without ENERGY included. To join the races and start earning, every player has to charge their NFT with ENERGY. Winter Edition NFT Skins include some bonus ‘’fuel’’ already.

💲Discounted Price

Exclusive visual identity and ⚡️ENERGY⚡️ make the price of mythical skins significantly higher. But winter is the time for joy, so we decided to sell it for a discounted price for a limited period — till the 3rd of January. The price will increase starting from the 4th of January. All winter sales will close in the end of January.

💸 $BUSD Raffle Participation

Are you ready for your chance to WIN BIG? Every Winter NFT Skin holders get the chance to win $BUSD from the $1000+ prize pool.

Here’s how it works:

💎For every Classic Mythical skin you own, you’ll receive 1️⃣ ticket to the raffle

💎Own an Epic Mythical skin? You’ll get 2️⃣ tickets!

💎And if you’re lucky enough to have a Legendary Mythical skin, you’ll receive 3️⃣ tickets

The more skins you have, and the rarer they are, the more chances you have to win.

We’ll be holding a LIVE STREAM where we’ll randomly choose five LUCKY WINNERS from the pool of ticket holders. Don’t miss it!

Start collecting those skins and get your tickets today!

🛒 🛍 https://marketplace.metarun.game

How To Download The Game

📲 Download for Android directly from the 👉 Google Play Store

📲 Download for iOS in 2 steps 👇

Step 1️⃣ Download Testflight from App Store

Step 2️⃣ After installing, download Metarun via the following Testflight invite link




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