A Look Back at Open Beta: What We’ve Done So Far

4 min readDec 1, 2022


The run-up to Open Beta was a period of huge productivity for the Metarun team, who worked tirelessly to ensure a top-class experience for some of our first players. With over 40K instals already, the game is becoming a fast hit, showing a DAU of 6.2K and a MAU of 35K.

The game’s exclusive NFTs also proved exciting for our users who snapped up over 3,000 of them during the Open Beta between 1,000 unique holders. But those are just the basics, let’s take a closer look.

So here is what we’ve done since the Open Beta stage was launched — and that is in JUST TWO MONTHS

🚀 NFT Integration

In addition to the Free-To-Play game mode we launched the Play-To-Earn feature, when players can play with their NFT character skins and earn according to the NFT kind and rarity.

🏃🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ Three-Player PvP Mode (PvPvP)

Metarun debuted a 3-player battle run. We are proud to say this is one of the key global differentiators among all mobile runner games on the market. And the best part? No one loses completely as rewards are going to all three participants for the matches they play, whether win or loss.

🔋 NFT Character Recharge

Metarun NFTs are not just pieces of art in the sense that you are just paying for owning the image. Metarun NFTs are playable and this is what gives them real earning power. Every NFT skin has a specific number of battles included. Once all the battles are done, the player can recharge the current NFT with an even higher ROI rate. Read more in the article we published earlier.

💵 OPAL -> $MRUN exchange

Earn OPALs in the game and swap them for $MRUN in just one click on the Metarun Marketplace. The exchange rate is constant: 270 OPALs = 1 USD. This is how we protect your earnings from market risks. Want to read more? Refer to this article.

🏪 New Marketplace Design

We are always listening to our community and, based on your feedback, made the Metarun Marketplace UI/UX design more user-friendly. There are a lot more things to be done, but this is definitely a good start, and we are very excited to be involving our players in the process.

🤝 NFT Peer-to-Peer Trading

The long-awaited P2P (peer-to-peer) NFT trading went live on the Metarun marketplace, allowing users to seamlessly trade NFTs with each other using the native token $MRUN. Users are able to buy and sell not only new NFTs but used NFTs as well — all the NFTs are rechargeable. Want to know how to do this? Check out this guideline.

⚙️ In-game UI/UX Improvements, Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements, and Character Balance

Every 7–10 days, the Metarun Development Team launches new game updates to improve your gaming experience. The changelog is published on Discord channel once it’s live. We are also continuously working on the Character Balance based on analytics and user feedback.

A lot has been done so far, and more is still to come! Metarun is still at the Open Beta stage and we are going to continue to test the game and make it better for players before moving to the next phase — Soft Launch — , which is planned for next year.

What’s More?

As the Open Beta Stage is still ongoing, here is a list of features we are planning to add in the next couple of months. However, like everything with Metarun, we are constantly updating this list to make the game even better.

🆙 Character Level Upgrade, Ability Level Upgrade, and Ability System Adjustment for Upgrades

A long-awaited feature, which will make playing Metarun even more exciting. Players will be able to upgrade their NFT Characters both for OPALs and $MRUN, boosting their skin’s characteristics. This will increase chances of beating opponents!

💰 Staking mode with $MRUN

This is a killing feature we are working on right now. Players will be able to bet $MRUN before the run. What are the benefits? Stakes are much higher — the winner of the race takes it all! Complete competitive spirit, where only the player decides how much they are ready to risk. Stay tuned to get to know more about it.

🛒 In-Game Shop

Seasonal and Battle passes, Mana potions, Health potions, Booster Boxes and much more will be available for direct purchase.

📲 App Store Launch

Yes, we are currently working on the AppStore Launch. It requires additional development as per the Store’s requirements. We are planning to please our iOS players soon and get the game to them as fast as possible!

How To Download The Game

📲 Download for Android directly from the 👉 Google Play Store

📲 Download for iOS in 2 steps 👇

Step 1️⃣ Download Testflight from App Store

Step 2️⃣ After installing, download Metarun via the following Testflight invite link




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