All You Need To Know About Metarun, the 1st blockchain P2E Multiplayer!

3 min readDec 10, 2021

Traditional gaming has exploded in popularity as technology improves the quality of visual experiences. Furthermore, the in-game assets of a player can never indeed be theirs. Even if they do, they will be unable to transfer them since the game operators, not the players, control all assets.

Besides, in-game currencies have no value outside of the game, and any money spent is lost; if a player falls fatigued while playing the game, the game servers go down, or their account is hacked, they will lose everything they have spent.

The long-awaited answer to the problem outlined above is blockchain-based gaming, often known as crypto gaming. People are growing out of the traditional DeFi mania and spending more time in play-to-earn games because of it.

According to the Blockchain Game Report by BGA, over 883,000 wallets were connected to game-related smart contracts in August, and the most popular grossing dAPP (Decentralized application) on Ethereum is Axie Infinity, a play-to-earn game. This data demonstrates the rise in speculative activity in blockchain gaming, which is high.

The GoFungibles platform will act as a link between standard mobile games and Crypto NFT games. The Platform’s mobile runner game, Meta Run, will have a play-to-earn system and addicting gameplay, and a competitive atmosphere that will use talents.

Challenges faced by Crypto NFT games

Crypto NFT games have a long way to go before they become the norm for all gamers, and mobile games have yet to catch up with the Crypto gaming trend. Auto-battlers and card games make up the majority of crypto games. While they make it easier for participants to make money, there is very little user participation.

The monetisation component of blockchain gaming significantly emphasises current decentralised gaming systems. The primary goal of games is for participants to earn money, tokens or to upgrade/boost their NFT assets.

As a result, developers are less concerned with user interaction, the visual quality of the setting, and various other factors that might make or break a traditional game. Because of the lack of a gameplay experience, this method causes a user base reduction after the game’s debut.

Nonetheless, the desire and space to grasp the idea of generating money while genuinely enjoying the game are expanding.

About MetaRun

The GoFungibles mobile runner game combines traditional elements like aesthetics and gameplay mechanics with non-custodial smart-contracts-powered technologies like NFT, DeFi, and Blockchain. We are dedicated to offering cutting-edge gaming while employing classic UI/UX in a trustless environment and removing centralised entities from every part of a typical gamer’s experience.

By integrating NFTs and Blockchain in its native mobile game anchored by an assets-powered economy, GoFungibles amplifies the gaming experience by emancipating gamers from a lack of control over in-game assets, such as character skins and the financial economy.

These assets are one-of-a-kind and tamper-proof items that players may buy or acquire, use in the game, or sell in various rarities on the GoFungibles marketplace to generate passive money. This technique, often known as a play-to-earn mechanism, is frequently used in Blockchain gaming.

Runner Game Concept

The GoFungibles game is a feature-rich endless runner with solo and multiplayer modes. Players may earn in-game cash that can be used to purchase skills, powers, weapons, speed, and shields, among other things.

The setting is rich in detail and interactive elements. Each game level has been meticulously designed to provide distinctive visual styles that are attractive to the sight. Furthermore, each group contains a variety of obstacles that the characters must leap over, slide under, or dodge to live.

Players can gather a variety of artefacts throughout the game stages. These can then be merged to create a one-of-a-kind NFT. Each NFT will have its personality; some will be wearables, such as upgradeable skins (which may also be purchased in the Marketplace), while others will provide limited-time benefits.

With the project soon being launched, stay tuned for the GoFungibles IDO, its marketplace and the upcoming MetaRun game. Follow GoFungibles on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and LinkedIn.




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