Announcing GoFungibles First IDO Launchpad — OxBull

Nov 25, 2021 — We are thrilled to unveil our first IDO partner, OxBull is a premier and top-tier GamFi IDO launchpad in the market. It has been propelled because of its relentless execution, meticulous quality, and credibility, with an average ATH for all projects being 197.7x.

OxBull is known for its quality over quantity approach and has Launched a few Top projects in the market in recent times, such as Bloktopia, Harmony Pad, Altura NFT, and many more. GoFungibles is proud to be part of that list, and we are eager to see your participation and maturing into active GoFungibles community members.

NEXT MONTH, the IDO will take place, so make sure to follow our official channels as the exact details, including the date, will be announced in the coming days.

Note: We will be conducting IDOs on multiple platforms, and this article will be updated with every partnership announcement. Stay tuned!

About OxBull

OxBull is the launchpad and startup incubator developed by a group of talented and avant-garde tech enthusiasts and was launched in February 2021. The OxBull way is propelled by relentless execution, meticulous quality and credibility. These are some of the important factors that you can expect from this enthusiastic and futuristic platform. OxBull aims to become a cornerstone of blockchain evolution and the largest blockchain community to help thousands of startups achieve their goals and bring value to the world.

About GoFungibles

GoFungibles is a gamer’s focused platform. It’s a prodigious blend of a play-to-earn multiplayer mobile runner game Metarun with NFT assets, amazing graphics, and conventional gameplay mechanisms that promote actual user interaction and an NFT marketplace with conventional and gamer-focused features. A state-of-the-art NFT marketplace leveraging features such as NFT Leasing, NFT staking and farming, DAO, and much more.


Join our discord to get a special Early birds role. Available for the first 500 members only!!



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