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Back To Basics: How To Use NFTs in the Metarun Game

Metarun combines the best of both worlds: traditional and crypto gaming. From the traditional one, it took high-quality graphics, deep-core gameplay, and free-to-play mechanics. From crypto — opportunity to earn while playing. Let’s talk about the Play-To-Earn part, for which you need the NFT.

Each Metarun character has 9 skins, which are different in NFT kind — Classic, Epic, Legendary — and its rarity — Common, Rare, Mythical. The more expensive and the rarer the skin — the higher the ROI, earnings, and character’s attributes. With the most expensive and exclusive Legendary–Mythical skin the player can earn up to $49,5 per hour or $1,980 per month. But even the most simple skin still offers good conditions. Classic–Common skin offers 180% ROI or up to $8,1 per hour.

To go deeper into NFT details, explore the 👉 NFT page on the Metarun Website

What Is NFT Recharge?

Metarun NFTs are not pieces of art in the sense that you are just paying for owning the image. Metarun NFTs are playable ones and this is what gives them real earning power.

Every NFT skin has a specific number of battles included. Let’s look at this with an example of Classic Common NFT Skin. You’re paying $90 for this NFT skin and getting 300 battles included. The maximum ROI of this NFT is 180%, which means after winning all 300 battles you will earn $162. The total earnings may be lower depending on your winning rate.

NOTE: Metarun is a real-time multiplayer game, where players are competing with each other. There are NO BOTS in the game, which means, that your winning rate purely depends on your playing skill level.

Now, imagine you’ve played all the battles included in your NFT. What’s next? You can purchase the new one to continue earning from the game or go with one of the options listed below 👇

Recharge your current NFT with the higher ROI rate

✅ Sell your NFT on the native Metarun Marketplace. You can sell new, fully or partially exhausted NFTs. Learn more from this 👉 article

✅ Hold your NFT to use it for the NFT Skin Evolution. This feature is in the progress and will be launched in Q4 2022.

How To Recharge Your NFT

All the Metarun NFTs are rechargeable. The recharge price is always 90% of the initial price, but the ROI is higher. These metrics are highlighted on the NFT page on the Metarun website.

Here is the practical example👇 of the Classic Common NFT Skin recharge.

The initial price is $90 with 300 battles included and a maximum ROI of 180%. Your maximum earnings are $162. The recharge price is $81 — for another 300 battles. The post-recharge maximum ROI is 200% and your maximum earnings are again $162.

You can recharge your NFT Skin as many times as you want at any moment — even when it’s not fully exhausted yet. The system will automatically show you how many battles are available for the recharge already and what’s the price for this.

NFT recharge takes place right in the game and is available for the in-game currency 💎OPAL💎


Note: Metarun team members will never contact you via a direct message (DM) on any platform. If you receive a DM claiming to be from our team, it is a scam! Please, check our official groups for the approved admins and moderators if you need help with anything.

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How To Download The Metarun Game

📲 Download for Android directly from the 👉 Google Play Store

📲 Download for iOS in 2 steps 👇

Step 1️⃣ Download Testflight from Appstore

Step 2️⃣ After installing, download Metarun via the following Testflight invite link




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