GoFungibles AMA Recap: ICO Speaks

3 min readOct 5, 2021

GoFungibles was developed as a DeFi-powered platform to create, trade, earn and leverage NFTs with Gamified Yield Farming, Staking, and Rewards. The project aims to boost the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and NFTs by generating awareness about the benefits of the technology.

To that extent, GoFungibles’ CEO Matija Rosovic recently participated in an AMA session with ICO Speaks, where he talked in-depth about the project and the goal it aims to achieve. In the AMA session, the moderator from ICO Speaks asked Matijta a series of questions.

The session started with Matja introducing himself as the CEO of GoFungibles with extensive experience in the real-world commodity trading and financial world for over a year. A law graduate and a former employee of LME stock exchange and advisor of top EU metals suppliers. Matija recently turned his eye toward cryptocurrencies and launched the project GoFungibles.

Next, Matija explained briefly about GoFungibles and its vision.

“GoFungibles is a Platform that will accommodate an NFT marketplace, a play-to-earn multiplayer mobile runner game, and a blend of new and existing DeFi features to bring added liquidity and utility to otherwise idle NFTs. We aim to launch a one-stop solution for users to mint, trade, and earn NFTs and platform tokens with an intuitive front end-user experience.“

Moreover, GoFungibles enables users to earn passive income by mobile endless runner games with NFT assets and interactive experience. The GoFungible game is a feature-packed, endless runner game with single and multiplayer modes where players can earn in-game currency to be used for upgrades.

Next, the moderators asked, “ What are your most noticeable and new DeFi features?”

GoFungibles aims to create unexplored income sources using NFTs besides conventional staking and yield farming, such as NFT Staking and Farming, NFT Collateralized Lending and Borrowing, Gamified NFT & Yield Farming and Game NFT Leasing.

Apart from the NFT staking & farming, GoFungibles will soon launch a staking plan after creating their smart contracts. Moreover, the platform has partnered with the Tosdis platform for liquidity farming. Following the completion of the Token Generation Event (TGE), the staking and liquidity farming will be made public for the community.

Talking about the roadmap of GoFungible and the milestones they have achieved, Matija explained,

“We have been able to achieve considerable success in terms of kickstarting the project. We have released our website and a first version of the whitepaper to help users find more information about the project. The development stage is also initiated, and we plan to launch a base marketplace on Polygon (Matic) in the coming weeks. A prototype demo of our mobile game is also ready and undergoing performance and visual upgrades.”

Also, GoFungibles have a lot planned for the community, including artist donations, community chat rooms, and DAO governance systems. For the DAO governance system, the $GFTS token will play a crucial role as it gives the holders the privilege to vote on new services, remodeling existing ones, and determining the value of an NFT when required.

GoFungibles is currently completing the private rounds of IDO, whose details can be found on https://www.gofungibles.com/.




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