GoFungibles November Recap

4 min readDec 6, 2021

Another month of GoFungibles has come to an end with some terrific enhancements. GoFungibles has always ensured healthy development for the community while keeping loyal to our aim with each release.

While we look forward to another wonderful month, let’s take a look back at November.


GoFungibles has received multiple mentions in reputable crypto sources, all of which have glorified the community’s progress.


CoinMarketCap applauded GoFungibles for taking the initiative to bridge the gap between NFTs and DeFi to create a broader Crypto economy.


TechTimes mentioned GoFungibles as an immersive gamified NFT experience that combines NFTs and Play-to-earn incentives.

Coin Quora

GoFungibles’ utility and governance token- $GFTS was regarded as one of the up-and-coming altcoins by Coin Quora that creates a new use case in blockchain gaming.


Yet another mention on GoFungibles’ token- $GFTS on how it’ll be a significant contributor to the GameFi token wave by Investing.com.

Bein Crypto

GoFungibles was tagged as a solution to the issues concerning gas fees and start-up costs for NFTs by Bein Crypto.

AMB Crypto

GoFungibles was mentioned as a new NFT marketplace on AMB Crypto with a play-to-earn mobile game powered by the Polygon side-chain solution. While minting NFTs, this lets it use the Ethereum network at a lower gas fee.


Crypto Miners have proactively given GoFungibles coverage and Panda Drop on Twitter for an extensive ‘Ask me anything’ (AMA) session. The sessions covered everything the audience may want to learn about the platform.


GoFungibles has partnered with several organizations and influencers to boost its reach and enhance the platform for its users.

Coin Fantasy

They partnered with Coin Fantasy which is yet another Play to Earn economy. This will take gamification to a whole new level and broaden the horizons for GoFungibles. Users not only be able to use NFTs for gaming but will also be able to mint rare ones to add value to the gaming experience.

Birb Nest

To improve its marketing efforts, GoFungibles teamed with several influencers, Crypto Birb Nest.

Nakheel Capital

GoFungibles also formed strategic cooperation with Nakheel Capital, one of their investors. In the Middle East, Nakheel Capital seeks to put capital into companies that aim to bring value to the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem and have a long-term influence.

This partnership will provide GoFungibles access to a broader crypto user base in the Middle East, as well as more token economics consulting assistance and fundraising.

Oddiyana Ventures

Oddiyana Ventures is pleased to announce its participation in GoFungibles, a DeFi-powered platform, as a strategic investor and advisor.

As a top investment business, they thoroughly examined GoFungibles’ entire idea, potential, and market relevance and determined that it had significant market potential. As a result, it has made a strategic investment in the project and will also give consulting services to aid its development.

Brand Development

  • First Character reveal of the MetaRun
  • Their website has been rebranded and restructured, according to the company. A new update: That distinguishes #Metarun from #Marketplace. The new interface looks clean and appropriately directs users to the right section.
  • In the Crypto industry, tipping towards blockchain 2.0- Metarun brings you a stand-alone Blockchain game:
  • First Endless runner based on #NFT
  • Real user interaction
  • Multiplayer
  • Absolute Asset Ownership
  • The metaverse of Gofungibles
  • An Initial DEX offering (IDO) will take place in the first week of January 2022, and out of the 4 IDO partners, Oxibull has been revealed.
  • OxBull is a top-tier GamFi IDO launchpad available on the market. Its unwavering execution, ethical quality, and credibility have been pushed, with an average ATH of 197.7x across all projects.

Social media growth

GoFungibles’ community is growing tremendously on all the major platforms such as Telegram, Twitter and Instagram. We would like to take this moment to present our token of gratitude towards all our community members for their relentless support and participation.


The GoFungibles Telegram channel has seen a significant boost in the number of members:

The total number of members went from 2742 on October 31st to 7836 on November 30th. This happens to be a 285% increase in membership.


The Twitter page welcomed 6,071 new followers this past month, with a 342% increase in profile visits and 100,000 new impressions on recent tweets.

Twitter Growth from 1 November to 30 November


Instagram Insights: 1 Nov — 30 Nov

On the other hand, Instagram’s reach increased by 38.2 percent, with 110 new accounts engaging with GoFungible’s posts.

While this growth in the last month is extraordinary, we aim to offer an even more result-oriented approach in growing our reach and popularity. As we inch closer to the last phase of IDO, we expect to see tremendous growth.

About GoFungibles

With gamified yield farming, staking, and incentives, GoFungibles is a DeFi-powered platform for producing, trading, earning, and leveraging NFTs. GoFungibles solves the current concerns of NFT illiquidity, fragmentation, and utility while lowering the hurdles to entry that plague the NFT marketplaces.




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