GoFungibles Rebrands to Metarun

2 min readDec 30, 2021


Today we are announcing the rebranding of GoFungibles starting from 2022. Why has the team come to this decision, and what does it mean for our community? Find out more in the article below.

The core part of our project is a blockchain-based endless runner game. The spirit of the game is unique — it’s fun, modern, dynamic, and has the true crypto spirit. We are very close to our community, and after a few months of communication and feedback from its members, we realized that we should give the brand a second wind. That is why, starting from now, we are Metarun.

Metarun (previously GoFungibles) is the first blockchain-based P2E and P2W endless mobile runner game with NFT assets. The game includes a cross-chain marketplace for in-game NFT trading, and a whole spectrum of crypto-features, enabling Play-to-Earn mechanics.

The new-look clearly defines our product, the vision behind it and gives it a gamified look it truly deserves.

The idea behind the new brand logo
This is how our branded ‘M’ appeared

That said, we don’t want to confuse our community, and we’ll make the rebranding as smooth as possible. We’ll start rebranding from our social media channels and, by the end of January, we’ll completely change our website. We promise you’ll love it.

Metarun (previously GoFungibles) Recent Updates

In December 2021, Metarun (previously GoFungibles) closed a $4m private fundraising round. The round was led by Moonrock Capital, Genblock Capital, AU21, X21, and Oddiyana Ventures. Other notable participants include Magnus Capital, Icetea Labs, InnMind, Metrix capital, Ellipti, Oddiyana ventures, ZBS capital, AC capital, Asteroid capital, IBC group, BitCreed Capital, and more.

The global launch of the Metarun game (previously GoFungibles) is planned for Q2 of 2022. Early access will be available in February 2022. The Metarun (previously GoFungibles) cross-chain gamified marketplace is expected to launch in January 2022 in partnership with Polygon Studios.

The public IDO rounds for Metarun (previously GoFungibles) will be held between January 11, 2022 — January 13, 2022. Additionally, a special Metarun (previously GoFungibles) community-only whitelisting round with a hard cap of $30,000 will be held on the 14th.

Join the Metarun (previously GoFungibles) Discord Twitter and Telegram to avoid missing all the details.

Wishing everyone a Happy and prosperous New Year! See you in Metarun.




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