Highlighting and Supporting Grassroots Talent For a Better NFT Ecosystem

GoFungibles is a multiplayer runner game with a play-to-earn component, a gateway to DeFi marketplaces and NFT-backed finance. GoFungibles tries to maximise the liquidity of digital assets and give users access to various new DeFi options while delivering a simple front-end user experience by gamifying various DeFi activities such as yield farming and staking on the platform.

Artist donations, Community chat rooms, DAO governance systems, NFT collateralised lending/borrowing, Fractionalized NFTs, NFT staking/farming, Creator royalties, and Lazy minting will be integrated into one location on GoFungibles to create an ecosystem that is easily accessible to the masses.

The high cost of getting their minted unique tokens advertised on a marketplace is one of the most fundamental challenges NFT developers confront. Minting and listing NFTs are both free in the GoFungibles ecosystem.

Users will also be rewarded for being active on the platform and doing tasks like minting, trading, and staking their NFTs. The abolition of such fees will save artists a lot of money and stimulate more adoption and creativity in the NFT ecosystem, both of which are critical for the project’s long-term success.

GoFungibles will also serve as a bridge between the worlds of regular mobile gaming and Crypto NFT gaming. The platform’s mobile runner game will have a play-to-earn system, NFT assets, and addictive gameplay that will capitalise on players’ skills while also creating a competitive environment.

The NFT ecosystem

The GoFungibles will have an NFT marketplace that includes all of the features of existing NFT markets and DeFi functionality and a staking mechanism that allows users to profit from the value of their NFTs. As a result of NFT, the platform empowers users by participating in DeFi and earning money.

Users, creators, and businesses will be able to use NFTs and next-generation token features with zero friction, thanks to the GoFungibles ecosystem. GoFungibles will address increasing market fragmentation by lowering entry barriers, abolishing gas fees, and simplifying the user experience using an Ethereum Layer-2 solution.

GoFungibles will devote its development efforts to keeping the platform blockchain and market agnostic. We’ll abstract the blockchain’s complexity by integrating well-known eCommerce aspects to create a user-friendly interface and a familiar “Shopified” experience to reduce adoption barriers. Minting and trading new NFTs on GoFungibles will be substantially more accessible than on other platforms, and a variety of wallets will be available.

Unique features that GoFungibles have to offer


Ethereum still stays home to most NFT users, artists and liquidity. However, the issues revolving around high gas fees remain untouched and unresolved. GoFungibles tackles the problem with lazy minting while also utilising Polygon (MATIC) as a second layer solution. In addition to that, NFT owners can also import their NFTs to the GoFungibles NFT marketplace and gain access to its vast marketplace — with integrations coming up with other blockchains.

NFT Minting

NFTs have created a new avenue for artists and content providers to promote their work while also allowing fans and enthusiasts to purchase the one-of-a-kind tokens directly. GoFungibles will also offer Showcases, which are private galleries for artists.

Any user can create their collection and use it as a digital gallery for visitors to browse and purchase NFTs. Users will also personalise their showcases with custom banner photos and descriptions, allowing them to share and sell any NFTs they like.


DeFi allows owners to capitalise on their NFTs by adopting exciting features such as Staking, Farming, and Collateralized Loans:

  • Conventional and NFT staking/farming
  • NFT collateralised lending and borrowing
  • Gamified NFT and yield farming
  • Game NFT Leasing

Lazy Minting

An ongoing issue has plagued the NFT ecosystem with Ethereum gas fees. GoFungibles will offer “Mint in Time,” commonly known as Lazy Minting, to solve this issue. Sellers can use Lazy Minting to list an item on the Marketplace and only mint when it sells.

Fractionalized NFTs

Fractionalized NFTs are a novel addition to the Defi and Blockchain economy’s fast-growing industry. GoFungibles makes it easier to sell a valuable and pricey NFT to several customers quickly.

Artist Donations

GoFungibles strives to promote and spotlight talent while also allowing them to make more money for their assets. A simple interface that will enable members of the public to donate to their favourite artists and non-profits. The cash contributed will be paid to the artist and added to NFT’s worth.


More than a marketplace, ChatRoomGoFungibles is a community. It’s a whole social system made up of friends, acquaintances, and other people who share common interests.


GoFungibles will ensure that the predetermined percentage is always paid to the creator on every subsequent sale of their NFT by implementing smart contracts.

Besides these prominent features, there’s a lot more that Go Fungibles has in store for the ever-growing and dynamic NFT ecosystem.


Learn more about GoFungibles and its ecosystem across the web and social media here:

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