Metarun 9999 Genesis Mysteries — Whitelisting is NOW OPEN!

Metarun 3D NFTs to Storm the Metaverse

The Metarun 9999 Genesis Mysteries NFT Mint Whitelisting starts on the 23rd of September, and we are ecstatic about it. The most crucial part of the Open Beta is onboarding players through NFTs, which is why Metarun 9999 Genesis Mysteries has become the most important event of the Metarun Journey since its beginning.

During the sale, a total of 9999 Genesis Mysteries will be sold. Each Whitelisting slot will allow you to mint a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 boxes.

Metarun 9999 Genesis Mysteries is part of Metarun’s launch collection of 26550 Character NFTs. 9999 character NFTs from the launch collection will be sold as Genesis NFTs.

The Genesis Mysteries collection of 9999 NFTs comes at a 15% discount. The sales for the remaining NFTs from the launch collection of 26550 NFTs will be announced later.

— Metarun 9999 Genesis Mysteries Price $99

— Public Launch Price— $115

So, make sure you get a whitelisted slot booked and avail yourself of a 15% discount and a chance to win a $900 Genesis NFT by opening a $99 box. Get ready!

How to Whitelist — 9999 Genesis Mysteries

To participate in the whitelisting events, you will need to complete some basic tasks. There are two types of whitelisting opportunities available to take advantage of:

  1. General Mystery NFT Whitelist — A Simple WL Slot
  2. Exclusive NFT Pass Whitelist — An NFT pass that gives your WL slot and a lot of in-game goodies.

1. General Mystery NFT Whitelist

To take advantage of our already discounted NFT sale during the Metarun 9999 Genesis Mystery sale, you could be among the first to be on that guaranteed spot by simply going to our website and filling out the registration form for the Whitelist in 3 easy steps. All you need to do is:

Open the Whitelisting form

Complete the following tasks in the Whitelisting Form

  • Join our discord and provide your discord ID.
  • Follow us on Twitter and provide us with your Twitter handle.
  • Provide us with your BSC Wallet Address.

2. Exclusive NFT Pass Whitelist

The second whitelisting opportunity takes a step further. We have launched a gleam campaign to give exclusive benefits to loyal community members. Lucky winners from the Exclusive NFT Pass whitelist event will each get the following rewards:

  • WL slot for NFT sale
  • 1 Free NFT each to 10 lucky winners who complete tasks A to J listed below (task J being compulsory)
  • 1 Season Pass
  • In-game Chest Box (containing Gold coins, Spares, and some Opals)

Gleam Contest

Complete the following tasks in the Gleam contest to earn an Exclusive NFT pass

a. Join Metarun Discord
b. Follow Metarun Twitter
c. Retweet Metarun pinned post on Twitter
d. BSC wallet address
e. Refer Three friends
f. Submit a meme entry on Twitter using Metarun Characters
g. Get a YouTuber to talk about Metarun
h. Write a Tweet thread about Metarun
i. Download, play and upload a screen recording of your gameplay
j. Get an influencer of >50k followers to Tweet about Metarun with a gameplay video.

Each completed task will earn you a point. Accumulated points will give you a higher ranking depending on the number of completed tasks. The more tasks you complete, the more points you earn and the higher your chances of being selected as a winner of one of the limited slots available.

Check the gleam campaign for the respective tasks and their points.

The whitelisting event will last eight days, starting on the 23rd of September and ending on the 1st of October. The Winners of the Whitelisting Event will be announced on the 3rd of Octocber.

All things considered, Metarun (the world’s first P2E multiplayer runner game) is set to launch this fall. With an official release date for the Open Beta scheduled for September 27, 2022, the gaming community is waiting to experience this innovative development in the crypto gaming arena.

To join the Open Beta testing, the community is invited to participate in its Genesis NFT whitelisting event to leverage a one-time opportunity to purchase Metartun’s 3D NFT characters at a discounted price.

Make sure you follow us in real-time, and don’t miss the opportunity to become a Metarunner by joining the Genesis Events and Acquire Exclusive NFTs from the 9999 Genesis Mysteries collection.

See you in the Run, METARUNNERS!!!


Note: Metarun team members will never contact you via a direct message (DM) on any platform. If you receive a DM claiming to be from our team, it is a scam! Kindly take a minute to check our official groups for the approved admins and moderators if you need help with anything.

Join the Metarun Community and become a Metarunner.

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