Metarun 9999 Mysteries — NFT Launch Calendar

5 min readOct 3, 2022


We are ecstatic about how well the community has received the Metarun game in its entirety. Every feature rollout has received positive feedback leaving us with more opportunities to scale the game further. More so, we are more confident to push for more product deliverables.

Our next major milestone is launching Metarun 3D Playable NFT characters to the public. This will aid in the execution phase of other aspects of the game — specifically with the real use of our NFTs within the game and the activation of the P2E economy on a global scale.

In preparation for the NFT Mysteries Launch, there are some important timelines we would like to share to help guide supporters and enthusiasts on how to plan around these dates.

— 03/10/2022 Private INO’s NFT Sales

The first Metarun NFT INO launch will happen on the 3rd of October through the INO partner privately for its community. Metarun’s exclusive partners include NFTb.

Several other NFT-focused communities have also shown immense interest in supporting the Metarun NFT launch. We will consider them in a different launch event to further strengthen the network of Metarun partners.

— 07/10/2022 The Whitelisting Closing

The ongoing Whitelisting Campaign has received huge interest with over 3000+ entries. Therefore, we have decided to extend the whitelisting process till the 7th of October.

If you are yet to sign up for the WL event, here’s a chance to get in on the action, as the NFT sale will be at a 15% discount.

Moreover, the WL slot gives the privilege of being among the first to get the NFT Mystery during the WL Mint, which is closed for non-whitelisted people.

To get Whitelisted, simply follow the prompt (See above image) by visiting the below link.

Answer the questions as accurately as possible and ensure to provide your BNB Chain wallet address; it’s important.

— 10/10/2022 Whitelisting Results Announcement

The list of whitelisted Metarun community members will be published on Discord. Except for this, we will send the notification via email.

Join Discord now:

— 11/10/2022 WL Mint

The WL Mint will start at 12 PM UTC on the 11th of October. Make sure your wallet address linked to the marketplace account has been whitelisted to participate in the CLOSED Minting for WL winners.

MysteryBox Details

  • No of Boxes: 9999
  • Price of Box: 99 BUSD
  • Accepted currency: BUSD
  • Network: BNB Chain

The Mint process will be simple and direct. Follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the Msyterbox launch page:
Step 2: Connect your Wallet to check if you are whitelisted
Step 3: Mint your Mysterbox
Step 4: Done

Head over to on Mint day, enter your account and buy the Mystery box called Genesis NFT Mystery.

What is 9999 Genesis NFT Mysteries?

Metarun 3D playable NFT characters that will be sold as Mystery boxes? Inside the NFT Mystery Box, called Mystery, you will find one of 27 characters’ skins. Each of the three characters — Ignis, Oro, and Penna — has 9 skins, which are different in NFT kind and rarity. The price of the NFTs inside the Mystery Box varies from $90 to $900, while the price of the NFT Mystery Box is $99.

A minimum of 2,000 and a maximum of 10,000 selected winners for the whitelisting event will be able to participate in WL Mint. Each WL winner will be able to mint a maximum of 5 Mysteries.

Non-whitelisted participants can purchase the NFT Genesis Mysteries during the public mint if there are unsold NFT Mystery Boxes. The total number of Mysteries is 9,999.

Check out the detailed description of each NFT character skin here

— 12/10/2022 Public Mint

While we see a huge interest in the Metarun NFT Mysteries, we still give room for contingencies. We will conduct a Public Mint event if any NFT Mysteries are left after the closed WL Mint.

If it is to happen, the date planned for the Public Mint is the 12th of October. Kindly stay tuned on Discord for more details.

— 13/10/2022 NFT Mysteries Reveal

Perhaps, the moment when all the excitement will peak is during the minted NFTs Reveal. Right after NFT Mysteries Mint, it won’t be possible to get to know which skin is inside exactly.

The NFT reveal date is the 13th of October. For that, you have to go to the Metarun marketplace, where your Mystery box will be opened in real-time.

NOTE: There will be privileges for NFT holders no matter what NFT they hold.

NOTE: If you get the NFT skin you didn’t want, you may resell it on the Metarun marketplace.

— 14/10/2022 P2E Beta Public Launch

Unleash the New Metarunner into the Metarun World!

On the 14th of October, we are launching the Open Beta build with the full cycle P2E feature. Play Metarun using your 3D Playable NFT character skin and boost your earnings!

Good luck, and have fun playing Metarun!


Note: Metarun team members will never contact you via a direct message (DM) on any platform. If you receive a DM claiming to be from our team, it is a scam! Kindly take a minute to check our official groups for the approved admins and moderators if you need help with anything.

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