🎮 Metarun Closed Beta — Guide on How to Get In

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🎲 The Closed Beta & Lucky Ticket System in a nutshell.

The Closed Beta will be launched on the 5th of July and this is the first public release of the Metarun Game. The aim of the Closed Beta is to test the mobile game as well as Metarun’s native marketplace.

  • 4 weeks
  • 550 spots available
  • and extremely favourable conditions in terms of earnings for the players — up to 225% ROI or up to $18 per hour

The Closed Beta is built on the NFT ticket system. The more expensive the ticket, the higher the ROI. There will be 3 types of tickets — Golden, Silver and Bronze. Every Tuesday during the 3 weeks of the Closed Beta some NFT tickets will be available for purchase. After the Closed Beta, NFT tickets will be exchanged for playable NFT character skins, which can be used for playing after the Global Launch of Metarun.

— For the Closed Beta, we are opening ⚙️

- The Battle Run 🏃🏃

Multiplayer PvP ultimate race in which two players continuously move forward, trying to outrun their opponent

- P2E Mode 🗻 🏃

Battle with an opponent while running to win & earn OPALs

And now, let’s get to the details! The game features are available during the Closed Beta

The Closed Beta allows players to be the first to test the gameplay and key features of the game.


Types of Closed beta tickets

— Ticket types

Ticket type determines the total limit of Opal-earning battle races & overall ROI

- Bronze Ticket

  • Price: $40 / 0.18 BNB
  • Per day battles: 10
  • Total battles: 100
  • Win Reward OPAL: 162
  • Lose Reward OPAL: 27 (YES, we’re giving rewards for losing battle as well)
  • ROI: 150% + 3D playable NFT skin

- Silver Ticket

  • Price: $75 / 0.34 BNB
  • Per day battles: 15
  • Total battles: 135
  • Win Reward OPAL: 270
  • Lose Reward OPAL: 54
  • ROI: 180% + 3D playable NFT skin.

- Gold Ticket

  • Price: $100 / 0.45 BNB
  • Per day battles: 20
  • Total battles: 150
  • Win Reward OPAL: 406
  • Lose Reward OPAL: 81
  • ROI: 225% + 3D playable NFT skin.

A special property of all tickets, regardless of type: after the Closed Beta, they can be exchanged for a basic skin during the Open beta.

After the end of the Beta, all remaining races will be cancelled.

Important: OPAL will be converted into $MRUN and become available for the withdrawal ONLY after the CLOSED BETA finishes, and after OPEN BETA starts, which is planned for Q3 2022.

— Max and Minimum Earnings 💰

Example 1 — Maximum earnings.

If you have a Golden Ticket, that means the total number of battles is 150, or 20 battles per day. One battle lasts for 5 mins, which means in 7.5 days you will play for 12.5 hours. If you win 100% of the battles, you’ll get $225 or $18 per hour. Additionally, you’ll get a 3D playable NFT skin to play Metarun after the Global Launch. Normally, these skins are limited and may only be bought after a special WL campaign. Closed Beta makes it easier.

Example 2 — Minimum earnings.

If you have a Bronze ticket for $40 and you are not playing at all. You will get zero OPAL and respectively zero $MRUN. But you’ll still get a 3D playable NFT skin to play Metarun after the Global Launch. Normally, the price of the skin is $50, which means you’re still in the plus.


  1. Go to the dapp 👉 https://marketplace.metarun.game/
  2. Fill out our short survey
  3. Connect your Metamask wallet to the Marketplace (note that you may buy NFT Tickets only for BNB)
  4. Select the ticket you want to purchase and click ‘Buy’, complete the ticket purchase by confirming it from your wallet and wait for the blockchain transaction
  5. When the Ticket purchase is processed, wait for it to appear on your screen and click on “Join Testers”
  6. A dialogue box will appear on your screen. Follow the instructions to start participating in the Closed Beta.
  7. Register on the Metarun Marketplace and verify your email
  8. Link your wallet to the newly created marketplace account and sign the transaction from your wallet.
  9. Access your NFT ticket on the marketplace, it will appear with the “TICKET” stamp. Click on it to check its details
  10. Now open the Metarun game on your mobile device, link your registered email with the game to receive the access code for your NFT ticket and verify your email once again.
  11. Run and Earn: Play the game and start collecting your OPAL earnings.
  12. Check your earnings: Once your run ends, visit the marketplace to check your OPAL earnings.
  13. Access your game statistics: On the top right corner, click on the three dots to open the drop-down menu. Click on the ‘Runs’ to see details about your in-game runs.

Important: OPAL will be converted into $MRUN and become available for the withdrawal ONLY after the CLOSED BETA finishes, and after OPEN BETA starts, which is planned for Q3 2022.



1. Before installing the build:
- Go to Settings -> Security
- Check the option “Unknown sources”
- Tap OK on the prompt message
- Select “Trust”

2. Download Metarun via the link — 👇https://www.dropbox.com/s/dsuca5vah3dlxok/Runner-Android-Shipping-arm64.apk?dl=1


1. Download Testflight here — 👇

2. Download Metarun via the link — 👇https://testflight.apple.com/join/SVLT3kjv


— Metarun Economy

— In-game Currencies

Metrarun comes with multiple currencies inside the game. Metarun currencies are based on the “class of currencies” and “types of currencies” along with their various purposes and uses inside the game.

- Soft Currency

Metarun Soft currencies can only be obtained and used inside the game but cannot be converted into $MRUN. The list of soft currencies is:

  • Gold (can be collected but not used in the Beta version)
  • Sapphire (can be collected but not used in the Beta version)

- Hard Currency

  • OPAL. Counted after each victory or defeat. The amount of the reward depends on the type of ticket.

Important note: OPAL will be converted into $MRUN and become available for the withdrawal ONLY after the CLOSED BETA finishes, and after OPEN BETA starts, which is planned for Q3 2022.

There will be three characters to Choose from


IGNIS, Sprinter class.

Characters in this class rely on high speed and defensive ability. Therefore, the class is suitable for players that want to use their reaction speed to take the lead.

  • Low level of damage and health.
  • Small mana pool.
  • Character has the ability to increase movement speed and avoid danger.

— Abilities

  • Familiar: IGNIS summons a creature which runs forward, gathering coins, and damaging opponents and monsters until it faces an obstacle or runs out of a lifetime.
  • Arcane shield: the magical shield protects IGNIS from any damage, but once.

ORO, Fighter Class.

Characters of the fighter class have high health levels and can take significant damage. Therefore, the class is suitable for players who want to kill their opponents and win through brute force.

  • High level of health and damage.
  • Small mana pool.
  • Character has offensive style abilities that deal a lot of damage.

— Abilities

  • Sharp shot: Shooting bullets, damaging and slowing enemies down.
  • Heavy charge: Oro makes a powerful dash forward, slashing the first monster or opponent on the way. Deals damage and slows opponents down.

PENNA, Craftsman class.

Characters in the craftsman class rely on the proper use of their abilities and gadgets. Therefore, the class is suitable for players who want to win with their “wit” and “cunning.”

  • Low levels of health and damage.
  • Large mana pool.
  • Characters have abilities to impose various effects on enemies.

— Abilities

  • Mechanical Trap: Places a trap below the player, dealing damage and slowing down the opponent upon contact.
  • Wings of the wind: Penna can take off and fly over all obstacles for a limited time.
  • The number of characters will be extended up to 45 after the Global Launch of the Metarun game

— Player Boosters

A Booster is a temporary or instantaneous boost to a character that triggers when it crosses a player’s path. All boosters are located on the map in random places in the form of boxes. When crossing a box, the player receives one random booster from the list available. Some boosters are used automatically upon receipt, and some are tapped to use.

*This is the list of boosters available for the Closed Beta. The list will be expanded in further stages.

NOTE: All boosters, except mana and health bottles, drop from the mystery box.

  • Health Potion — Restores the player’s health
  • Mana Potion — Restores the player’s MANA
  • Speed Acceleration — The player gets a boost
  • Shield — Protects the player from damage
  • Rocket — The player launches a damaging projectile
  • Ultra-Rocket — Player launches multiple dealing damage projectile

— Battle Run

Types of Obstacles during battle run.

Obstacles and Enemies

Metarun Closed Beta comes with static and moving obstacles in PvP mode that damage the player by crossing and are classified as:

  • Static Obstacles — this obstacle stands still and does not move.
  • Moving Obstacles, or Enemies — these obstacles or monsters are moving in the player’s direction or horizontally. Enemies can be both ground and flying.

— There is also an additional division into attackers and non-attackers Enemies; furthermore, they have varying amounts of health, damage, and currency issued upon death.

  • Non-attacking enemies only deal damage when crossing them.
  • Attacking opponents launch various projectiles at the player.

— PVP Interaction Mechanics

Players can interact with each other to get an advantage in the game. For the Closed Beta, we’ll have the following interactions available:

- Collision (PVP)

  • If the players are on adjacent lines at approximately the same position, they can push each other. By pushing each other, players deal damage and occupy the enemy’s line, pushing him out of it.
  • If both players push, the one who did it first wins.
  • If both players are pushed simultaneously, they both take damage and return to their lanes.

- Undercut (PVP)

  • If the characters are on the same line, the player running behind can use the slide to knock down and slow down the opponent and deal damage to them.

- Punishment system (PVP)

If the player’s health level drops to zero, the player receives a punishment of reset. A reset causes the penalty of losing all accumulated boosters. The player instantly appears at the same place with the following parameters:

  • Full health.
  • Zero mana.
  • Run with a delay of a few seconds.
  • All abilities are ready to use.


Value of OPAL: 270 OPAL = 1 USD. MRUN is the native Metarun ecosystem token. MRUN is required to purchase OPALs and start your game journey.

How to Convert your OPAL earnings to MRUN

Every time you want to convert your in-game earnings (OPALs) to liquid cryptocurrency (MRUN), you can do so by connecting your in-game account to the marketplace and converting your OPALs on the Marketplace in your account (or wherever it is).

Good luck! Let’s Run to Earn!


Note: Metarun team members will never contact you via a DM on any platform. If you receive a DM claiming to be from our team, it is a scam!

Join the Metarun Community (previously GoFungibles) and become a Metarunner.

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