Metarun Game Announces Partnership with Creaticles

2 min readApr 28, 2022


Metarun’s partnership with Creaticles is aimed at exploring a wide array of creative minds in Creaticles’ pool of artistic prowess.

Creaticles is the world’s first bespoke NFT platform designed to encourage artistry by connecting creators directly to collectors. It identifies a unique NFT marketplace problem associated with creative efficiency and search optimization that exist between creators and buyers.

Creaticles solves this problem with its bespoke NFT request platform by streamlining the NFT creation process to match art requests from potential buyers. Creaticles’ seemingly straightforward protocol lowers the entry barrier and allows for healthy competition among creators.

In line with this partnership, Metarun is collaborating with Creaticles to launch a time-limited contest for NFT artists to come up with NFT visual arts for Metarun character skins.

In addition to the reward, the winner’s art will be integrated into Metarun’s Game design.

Our goal is to explore a broad, and yet specific spectrum of creative minds in order to further enhance the diverse visual aesthetics in Metarun’s NFT Skin marketplace.

Metarun’s NFT marketplace will feature the industry’s finest NFT arts and character skin designs — like none seen in the industry — especially for an endless runner game. Stay tuned and join our communities for more exciting updates.


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