Metarun Game Closed-Alpha Testing Begins

Metarun Game is truly a remarkable work of art and one that promises to create unbeatable fun when it comes endless mobile runner gaming. This is in no way an attempt to toot our own horn, however, in the course of game development, we realized an even greater responsibility to only deliver the very best to our community, ergo;

The Closed-Alpha test of Metarun Game (public release v1.0) is finally here. While we may have made progress by leaps and bounds and are truly humbled by the results so far, we are confident the current game is ready for public testing in order to hit our next major milestone.

Closed-Alpha Metarunners Ready to go!

Remember we announced in a previous article that we were whitelisting members of our community and the general public to take part in the Closed-Alpha testing phase, we have selected our Closed-Alpha Metarunners. Also, we mentioned some exciting rewards are in store for top players, bug reporting and general feedback that will lead to gameplay improvements and overall, enhance gamers experience.

Without further ado, as a whitelisted participant you should have received an email with detailed instructions on how to participate in the Closed-Alpha testing of the Metarun Game (public release v1.0). However, if for some reason you’re unable to access the email. Here’s pretty much what you need to know:


i. The game is currently only available in apk format (for Android users). iOS version will come later.
ii. Only whitelisted testers can access and download the game in order to take part in the exercise.
iii. Ensure you use the same details as provided in the form you filled during the Whitelisting Event. If anything has changed, please notify our community mods on Telegram or Discord.
iv. Only PVE mode is available in this build. (Gameplay mechanics below 👇)
v. Keep playing the game daily to rack up those points to top the leaderboard.
vi. If you experience any lag or bug, note it down and report it using the feedback form provided in the game or here 👉

Gameplay Mechanics

Perhaps, if this is your first time playing an endless mobile runner game, you may not be familiar with some of the gameplay mechanics. Not to worry, this is quite easy to play, exciting, addictive and did we also mention rewarding!

i. Once you choose a character, your goal is to keep the character running while dodging obstacles and mobs. Run the longest distance, eliminate mob creatures in your path to earn more rewards.

ii. You’ll encounter static and dynamic obstacles, and mob creatures — likely dating back to the Paleolithic era.

How to start playing Metarun

-Download the Game

  1. Choose one build of the game that you want to download: Metarun_HDR.apk for high-performance devices; Metarun_NoHDR.apk — if you have performance problems.
  2. Download the .apk file
  3. Install the .apk file on your device. If you have any troubles with installation — go to the “Problems installing the build
  4. After these steps just tap the Metarun icon on your screen to open the game.

(You will see a loading menu):

Metarun Loading Page

(Then the log-in screen will appear):

Enter Your Details Screen

Write your E-mail and Nickname to take part in a contest, so we can contact you to send a reward.

Now you are ready to play Metarun!

Game menu

After the game launch, you will see the main menu of the game. At this menu you can check your coin balance, your top score, global scoreboard button, character selection, play button, total distance, upgrades menu, and settings.

Metarun Main Menu

The Coin balance shows how many coins you have on your balance right now. Balance is shown on the upper left side of the screen. To earn the coins you should collect them on the road or get them from killed mobs. You can spend them on boosters upgrades. Only golden coins are available on this build. (See ‘1’ in the picture above)

Top score; This part of the main menu consists of two bars: the longest distance that you have run of all time and your best score reached today. These bars are displayed at the central upper side of the screen. (See ‘2’ in the picture above)

The global scoreboard button is located on the left side of the scoreboard. If you tap it, the global top results of all runners will appear (See ‘3’ in the picture above).

The character selection menu is displayed in the center of the main menu (See ‘4’ in the picture above).

It is represented as a model of character that you have chosen right now and two arrows (See ‘5’,‘6’ in the picture above) with the help of which you can scroll the character menu.

The play button is located under the character model (See ‘7’ in the picture above). If you tap, you will start a run with the chosen character.

Total distance represents how much you have run in total. This bar is located under the play button (See ‘8’ in the picture above).

The Upgrade menu is used right now for improving your booster’s power for the coins you have collected. This button is located under the play button and total distance bar (See ‘9’ in the picture above).

The settings button is on the right from the upgrades menu (See ‘10’ in the picture above). It is used for set settings for sounds and music, graphics quality and to access the marketplace of Metarun.

Game controls

After you tap a play button, the match will start. The game controls consist of:

Movement forward

By default, the character will always run forward unless affected by any effects.

Movement to the side

The player can change the line along which he runs with the help of swipes to dodge obstacles, enemies, projectiles, and collect boosters.


The player can jump by swiping up.


The player can make a slide by swiping it down.

Double Jump

Players can use double jump when playing characters with such ability. To use a double jump player should swipe up two times.

Active ability

Characters’ active abilities can be used by screen tap.

Booster activation

After the player collects a mystery box, the random booster will drop in his inventory (right side of the screen). To use the booster tap on its icon.


There are 4 characters in the current build. Every character has a passive and active ability.

A. Ignis

Ignis has a fireball as an active ability and a double jump as a passive ability. Fireball is used for killing the mobs (10 mana points, 0.3-sec cooldown). Double jump is used for avoiding high obstacles that can’t be avoided by basic jump (~2 seconds cooldown).

B. Blacksmith in a red suit

Active ability — Transparency Ball (10 mana, 0,3 cooldown), that helps this character to go through mobs and opponents’ spells in PVP mode. Passive ability — Double Jump (~2-sec cooldown).

C. Blacksmith in a blue suit

Active ability — mystery box magnet (10 mana, ~2 seconds cooldown). Passive ability — shield, that protects only from mobs by killing them (3 seconds cooldown).

D. Blacksmith in a green suit

Active ability — Fireball (10 mana, 0,3 seconds cooldown). Passive ability — Double Jump (~2-sec cooldown).

Abilities and Mastery system

Active abilities

Require mana to activate it. It has a little cooldown to avoid multiple triggers. Mana points are displayed at the upper right part of the screen, as a blue bar.

Passive abilities

Do not require mana to activate them. They can be activated automatically (as a shield of a blacksmith in a blue suit) or by a special mechanic (as a double jump activated by a double swipe up).

Mastery points

Mastery points are used to improve the power of active and passive abilities. The player collects these points during the run, when he does not get any damage in a long time. The mastery points vary from 0 to 100, and they drop down after getting damaged, and players need to fill the mastery bar again to get the improvements of their abilities. An example of mastery points affecting the abilities can be fireball power — when the mastery points are low, so the player can throw only 1 fireball, but if he will fill the mastery bar to 100, there will appear 3 fireballs per ability activation.

Boosters and Mystery Boxes

During the match, players will pick up Mystery boxes, that will contain a random booster, that will drop to players’ inventory. Players can have a maximum of 3 boosters in their inventory.

To activate a booster player should tap on its icon, and after that booster timer will appear, which will show how long the booster will be active.

There are 6 different boosters: Double coin — increase coin income for the time it active; Magnet — collects coins from all the lines for a limited time; Mana bottle — fills mana bar to use active abilities, can be found on the road, do not drop from Mystery Box; Heal bottle — fills heath points of the character, can be found on the road, do not drop from Mystery Box; Shield — protects a character from mobs and destructible obstacles; Acceleration — increases characters run speed.

These boosters can be upgraded in the Upgrades menu for coins. Upgrades increase their longevity (Magnet, Shield, Double coin, Acceleration) or effectiveness (Mana and Heal bottles).


These are objects on the map that a player may encounter. Obstacles are divided into static and dynamic, as well as destructible and indestructible.

Static obstacles

Obstacles that do not change their position in space.

For example:

  • Wooden trestle, log stack (can be avoided by running on a trestle or by double jump).
  • Fence with stakes (avoided by jump).
  • Stone (Avoided by Jump).
  • A wooden fence with a hole (can be avoided by double jump or slide)

Dynamic obstacles

Obstacles that can change their position in space.

For example:

  • Rolling barrels (can be destroyed by fireball or shield, or can be avoided by the jump).
  • Pendulums (can be avoided by running over the side without a knife at the moment, or by sliding under the knife).
  • Metal spikes plate (can be avoided by the jump).
  • Watermill wheel (can be avoided only by swiping to the other line).
  • Guillotine (can be avoided by jumping through it when the knife is up).


Mobs can be killed by the fireball or shield. After death, they drop coins. If a player will go through the mob he will get damaged, but the mob will die too.

  • Bat (can be killed in a jump with shield, fireball or collision; can be avoided with a slide under it).
  • Dog (can be killed with a shield, fireball or collision; can be avoided by jumping over it).
  • Stone golem (can be killed with a shield, fireball or collision; can be avoided only by double jump or swipe to another line).

Bug reporting

The primary essence of this game build is to collect player feedback in order to improve the gameplay mechanics and performance. Please use this form — for bug reporting. You can also use the feedback button in the game.

Rewards for participation

Our servers collect some data that can provide us with information about the players, viz;

  1. Who reached the best result in one run over other players.
  2. Who ran the longest total distance in different matches.
  3. Who spent more time playing the game than anybody else.
  4. Who collected the most mastery points.
  5. Who collected the most coins.

We will be ranking players based on these are reward accordingly.

💥 Have fun Metarunners, we can’t wait to hear how excited you were playing the game 🚀


Note: Metarun team members will never contact you via a DM on any platform. If you receive a DM claiming to be from our team, it is a scam!

Join the Metarun Community (previously GoFungibles) and become a Metarunner.

Discord | Twitter | Telegram | Telegram Ann



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