Metarun Game Economy Reboot: Introducing Leagues system

4 min readDec 22, 2022


Open Beta was a period of enormous productivity for the Metarun team and gave us so many useful insights. We analyzed and tested, and came up with the whole list of steps, which enabled us to make Metarun even better. We redesigned the game economy and NFT structure to make the game even more beneficial for players. Let’s have a look at how it works.

Introducing 🏆 Leagues: The Higher The League, The Higher The Earnings

Leagues are a skill-based earning system. By playing the game, each player gets MMR points. The higher your MMR, the higher your League. Every player starts with the Bronze League and 0 MMR points. By reaching a higher MMR, the player moves to the next League. The higher the League, the higher the player’s earnings. There are limitations, of course, depending on the NFT Kind. Not all NFTs can reach the highest League.

There are 10 Leagues:

  • 🥉Bronze — for newbies
  • 🥈Silver (I,II,III) — for Classic, Epic, and Legendary NFT skins
  • 🥇Gold (I,II,III) — for Epic and Legendary NFT skins
  • 💎 Diamond (I,II,III) — for Legendary NFT skins

❗️Each League has its own ⚡️energy⚡️ consumption per match. The higher the league, the more energy you need.

❗️Each League has its own match reward for each place. The higher the league, the greater the reward.

🏆 Higher League = Higher Energy Cost = Higher Rewards

⚡️Energy⚡️— Earning ‘’Fuel’’

When buying an NFT, you are buying the Playable NFT Skin, which has certain characteristics giving specific earning potential. But to join the races and start earning, every player has to charge their NFT with ⚡️energy⚡️, which can be bought right in the game for in-game currency OPAL in the in-game store.

Energy is a resource stored on the account and will be used for all the NFTs concrete player plays. It’s NOT linked to concrete NFTs.

⚡️Energy⚡️is not being sold on the marketplace as was mentioned above, but by purchasing the NFT Pack, the player can get an energy bonus.

The cost of one unit of energy is 5 OPALs. Energy is sold in items that contain 50+ units of energy at once. Buying a bigger pack, the player can get a bonus in the form of soft currency.

In total, there are 6 energy packs in the store.

🛒 50 Energy for 250 OPALs [Bonus 🌟 15 Gold + 5 Spares]

🛒 150 Energy for 750 OPALs [Bonus 🌟 60 Gold + 20 Spares]

🛒 500 Energy for 2500 OPALs [Bonus 🌟 200 Gold + 60 Spares]

🛒 1000 Energy for 5000 OPALs [Bonus 🌟 500 Gold + 150 Spares]

🛒 2500 Energy for 12500 OPALs [Bonus 🌟 1500 Gold + 400 Spares]

🛒 5000 Energy for 25000 OPALs [Bonus 🌟 3500 Gold + 1000 Spares]

NFT Kind: How It Affects a League Level

A character’s NFT Kind affects the maximum allowed League an NFT can be in and Characters’ Stats (not including the Speed).

  • 🥈 Silver League (I,II,III) — for Classic, Epic, and Legendary NFT skins
  • 🥇 Gold League (I,II,III) — for Epic and Legendary NFT skins
  • 💎 Diamond League (I,II,III) — for Legendary NFT skins

❗️In terms of Character Stats, the Upgrade is possible for every NFT Kind. For Epic Kind it will cost more than for Classic Kind, and for Legendary Kind — more than for Epic Kind.

NFT Rarity: How It Affects Character Upgrade

NFT Rarity determines the maximum level of Character Upgrade and Ability Upgrade

1️⃣ Common Rarity: Max Character Level — 5th level / Max Ability Level — 15th level

2️⃣ Rare Rarity: Max Character Level — 10th level / Max Ability Level — 30th level

3️⃣ Mythical Rarity: Max Character Level — 15th level / Max Ability Level — 45th level

❗️Upgrade Price depends on NFT Kind and increases to higher NFT Kind accordingly.

🛠⚙️ The New Game Economy will be launched officially in early Q1 2023 in several stages and will come along with the Game Build Updates ⚙️🛠

Stage 1️⃣ Leagues system Launch

Stage 2️⃣ Level Upgrade Launch

Stage 3️⃣ Ability Upgrade Launch

Stage 4️⃣ Skins Evolution Launch

How To Download The Game

📲 Download for Android directly from the 👉 Google Play Store

📲 Download for iOS in 2 steps 👇

Step 1️⃣ Download Testflight from App Store

Step 2️⃣ After installing, download Metarun via the following Testflight invite link




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