Metarun Game Update: Alpha Build v.1.01 is Here

🎮Metarun Game is Live

⚙️New Version for Alpha Build is here — v.1.01

👉 Here’s the download link to Build v.1.01 👈

As before, if you are unable to install the HDR version of the game due to your device specifications, you can install the noHDR version to enjoy a smooth gaming experience on your device.

Please note: if after updating the Metarun Game to build v.1.01 and you lose your saved game data, you have nothing to worry about as all records are currently backed up on our secure servers.

Player Vs Player Mode (Coming soon…)

Gamers, Go… Go… Go…!!!

Thanks to our growing community for the usual support, and we couldn’t have come this far without you.


Join the Metarun Community (previously GoFungibles) and become a Metarunner.

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