Metarun Launches $MRUN Staking

4 min readMar 28, 2022


We are excited to announce the launch of our Staking Program which allows you to potentially earn $MRUN and NFT rewards when you stake your $MRUN tokens. This staking event will further promote $MRUN token utility within our ecosystem.

“Put Your Idle $MRUN to Work”

After much consideration of the myriad of staking models out there, we settled for a simple model. The core idea here is to make staking “easy for grandma” and encourage holders to prefer staking $MRUN and receive rewards over remaining as a holder without staking.

Metarun Staking Model:

Our staking model, while apparently straightforward, takes a unique form in that it aims to reward long-term token holders with sustainable economic incentives in the form of $MRUN tokens and NFTs. There are two Phases of Staking — V1 & V2. The V1 staking protocol will go live today 28th March 2022, while the V2 will go live around the time of the Metarun Beta Game launch.

The V1 Staking Phase is a simple staking phase with three APY reward pools to choose from: 20%, 35%, & 50%. All you need to do is lock your $MRUN tokens on the Metarun staking dapp for 60 days and enjoy the rewards that accrue.

In V2 Staking Phase, there will be higher reward APYs, and chances to win NFTs (more details to come as we approach the launch). Please note that both phases are intended to bootstrap the token economics as we move towards the Beta Launch of Metarun Game.

A. Staking V1: Earn up to 50% APY

  • Launch Date: 28th March 2022.
  • APY: Fixed
    →Stake 1–99,999 $MRUN tokens and enjoy 20% APY
    →Stake 100,000–249,999 $MRUN tokens and enjoy 35% APY
    →Stake >250,000 $MRUN tokens and enjoy 50% APY
  • NFT Rewards: NO
  • Minimum $MRUN required: 1 $MRUN
  • Locked Term: 60 Days.
  • Early Withdrawal: Yes (T&C applies)

B. Staking V2: TBA (This section will be updated as soon as Staking V2 goes live)

  • Launch Date: TBA
  • APY: TBA
  • NFT Rewards: YES
  • Minimum $MRUN required: 1 $MRUN
  • Locked Term: TBA
  • Early Withdrawal: Yes (T&C applies)

How to Stake $MRUN Tokens

To participate in the staking program, you need to have your $MRUN tokens in your Metamask wallet. Follow this guide to successfully stake your $MRUN tokens:

  1. Go to

2. Connect your MetaMask wallet containing your $MRUN tokens (Make sure you are on the BSC Network).

3. Choose from any of the three V1 pools available by clicking the Stake button:

4. Select the amount of $MRUN tokens you want to stake, or hit MAX to stake all your $MRUN tokens (1), and hit the Approve button (2):

5. Approve the transaction in your Metamask prompt.

6. Sit back and watch your $MRUN rewards grow!

Early Maturity

“Early Maturity” allows stakers the freedom to choose to unstake at any time earlier than the expiration of the lock term. Please note that this will incur a reduced APY accrued to date on the amount unstaked.

Pool 1:
Maturity 20% APY
Early Maturity 10% APY

Pool 2:
Early Maturity 17% APY
Early Maturity 25% APY

Pool 3:
Maturity 50% APY
Early Maturity 25% APY

In the past few weeks, it’s been one news after another — the most recent being the launch of our Closed-Alpha testing of the Metarun Game. So far, we’ve received overwhelming interest from the community and lots of feedback have been collected aimed at improving game features and overall gameplay experience. And we aren’t stopping here.


Note: Metarun team members will never contact you via a DM on any platform. If you receive a DM claiming to be from our team, it is a scam!

Also, if you participate in the Metarun staking as with every other onchain staking, you are responsible for your financial decisions.

Join the Metarun Community (previously GoFungibles) and become a Metarunner.

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