Metarun Launches $100k Ambassador League — Kickstarting its P2E launch campaign

Metarunners Assemble!!! Whooping $100,000 $MRUN Reward Pot!

We are super thrilled to announce the Metarun Ambassador League!!! Yes, we know you are excited too, what could be more rewarding than promoting your favorite P2E game while earning staggering rewards at the same time?

The Metarun Ambassador League is designed to allow our loyal community members take the reins in content creation, community engagement and spreading more awareness about the METARUN project.

Who Can Become A Metarun Ambassador?

“Metarun Ambassadors are known as Metarunners!”

We are looking for highly committed community members, who are willing to race — endlessly — to the finish line by participating in our 24 weeks marathon program. Not only does this help to spread the word about Metarun, it also allows us to reward loyal community members who tirelessly work for the goodwill of our communities.

  • We will be selecting a total of 150 ambassadors to work across different categories. These categories span across our social media channels and communities which you obviously know (Discord, Twitter, and Telegram), using blogs, video creation, networking etc.
  • Now, we are not issuing random tasks that everyone must participate in like a gleam contest; instead, each of our chosen ambassadors will be handling specific tasks according to their area of expertise. This means if you are awesome at video reviewing, then no need to go too far; shine as our ambassador in your niche.
  • Rewards will be given based on your output, commitment, and engagement.
  • You must also be an avid Metarun gamer 🎮.

Excited yet? Keep reading because it gets better!!


To be a part of the Metarun Ambassador League, you must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Be Social Media Savvy — Ambassadors need to be active on social media with quite a number of followers on most of the platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Discord) where you can like and share posts from our social media handles to all your followers. Custom tweets and posts are also encouraged, as long as they are creative and engaging.
  • Content Creation — Ambassadors who are conversant in content creation such as articles, youtube videos, blogs etc, with technical experience and innovative viewpoint in putting together original contents that will improve community participation and growth.
  • Artistry — Bring forth the Picassos in you. Creativity is one of the major ingredients for our Ambassadors League, therefore, ambassadors should know how and when to use GIFs, stickers and of course memes.
  • Communication skills — Knowing how to reach your target audience is important, it’s not enough to create content and share them, you also have to connect with them genuinely while passing across your message.

These are just some of the required criteria to participate in the Ambassador league, know that having an in-depth knowledge of the Metarun project will be an advantage as well as an interest in blockchain and P2E games. Finally, if you are willing and ready to learn and grow…….Welcome to the League.

Categories & Tasks

1.Social Media

-Community: Twitter
Create 3 unique tweets about #Metarun, P2E, GameFi, NFTs and tag @MetarunGame
* Poor effort/quality — 0 stakes
* 20–100 Followers — 5 stakes
* 100–1000 Followers — 10 stakes
* 1001–5000 Followers — 15 stakes
* 5001+ Followers — 20 stakes

-Community: Telegram
Translate content and/or Engage with other users in our community and help with onboarding new users.
* Very active — 5 stakes
* Active — 3 stakes

-Community: Discord
Engage with other users in our community and help with onboarding new users.
* Very active — 5 stakes
* Active — 3 stakes

2.Blog post
* Excellent Medium posts about Metarun ecosystem — 5 stakes
* Sponsored Articles (articles on other websites with great exposure) — 10 stakes

3.Video — YouTube reviews
* Excellent — 10 stakes
* Good — 5 stakes
* Game play videos — 5 stakes

* Hook us up to a vibrant community 5 stakes
* NFT referrals into Metarun Marketplace 5 stakes
* On-site meetup 5 stakes
* Start/Manage a Language Community — Hyper Active:5 Stakes; Active: 2 Stakes

5.Bug Bounty
* Detect a bug in the game design
* Major bug 20 stakes
* Minor bug 5 stakes

6.Metarun Guild
* Metarun Players Guild
* P2E top score of the week 1 stake
* P2E all-time top score 5 stakes
* PVP Contest mode 5 stakes
* PvE/PvP Daily challenge 1 stake
* Referrals 1 stakes


The following are categories of Ambassadors and their objectives;

As a Social Media Ambassador;

  • Search out neutral topics to involve members of the community in active conversation (Telegram & Discord).
  • Respond to questions, refer, and guide new users in the community
  • Extract AMAs and translate them into different languages for the Metarun local communities.
  • Create custom tweets, retweet/Quote tweet, like, and comment on every Metarun post on Twitter with relevant hashtags.

As a Video Content Ambassador;

  • Create tutorial videos for the community to guide them in different areas like gameplay, staking, etc.
  • Play the current version of the Metarun game and create a video review about it.

As a Blogger Ambassador;

  • Source for contents and produce weekly unique articles for Metarun.
  • Use your outstanding writing skills to publicize Metarun on free crypto sites and blogs. If you are willing to take it farther by using paid sites, then by all means go right ahead.

As a Network Ambassador;

  • Search out events, global meetups, and programs centered around crypto to network, and market Metarun there: “Be our eyes and ears in the industry”.
  • Organize and set up AMAs with other large crypto communities.
  • Come up with marketing strategies and ideas to improve and grow the community.
  • Collaborate with other projects and investors in the P2E and NFT space to build mutual partnerships.

As a Bug Bounty Ambassador;

  • Play repeatedly to work out the kinks and bugs in the game.
  • Give feedback on bugs, tech and dev-related problems in the game.

As a Metarun Guild Ambassador;

  • Work closely with the Bug Bounty Ambassadors to capture bugs and glitches.
  • Hit a total run time of 5 hours per day and not less than 30 hours each week.
  • Connect with other Metarunners and compete in the PvP contests and daily/weekly challenges.
  • Lastly, our Ambassadors should be committed players of the Metarun game to enjoy all these benefits and more.

Click on the link below to sign up for the Ambassador League Now!!!

👉 Sign Up to be A Metarun Ambassador 👈

Timeline + Duration:

a) Application Starts: 28th April, 2022.

b) Application Deadline: 31st May, 2022.

b) Recruiting exercise begins 1st May, 2022 and will be ongoing until the application closes.

d) The initial Ambassador Program launch will last for 24 weeks.

e) After the initial run, top performing Ambassadors will be retained for long-term contracts.


  • Social Media Ambassadors will share 7% of the reward pool
  • Blog Ambassadors will share 13% of the reward pool
  • Video/Visual Ambassadors will share 15% of the reward pool
  • Network Ambassadors will share 15% of the reward pool
  • Bug Bounty will share 15% of the reward pool
  • Metarun Guild will share 35% of the reward pool

If there is a total reward pool of $100,000 worth of MRUN tokens, then 7% of the reward pool will be $7000 and so it goes for others;

Also, Top 12 Performers in the Ambassador Program will earn a League of Extraordinary Metarunner Badge NFTs — Two from each major category outlined above.

🥇 Metarunner Gold Ambassador Badge — Top performer.
🥈 Metarunner Silver Ambassador Badge — Runner up.

Rewards distribution will occur 2 weeks after the end of the program.

The Witching Hour is Nigh… may the best runner win. Let the League game begin!!!

Don’t forget, you can download the game from here:

👉 Here’s the download link to Build v.1.01 👈


Note: Metarun team members will never contact you via a DM on any platform. If you receive a DM claiming to be from our team, it is a scam!

Join the Metarun Community (previously GoFungibles) and become a Metarunner.

Discord | Twitter | Telegram | Telegram Ann




First blockchain-based P2E and P2W endless mobile runner game with NFT assets Website: Discord:

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Metarun (previously gofungibles)

First blockchain-based P2E and P2W endless mobile runner game with NFT assets Website: Discord:

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