Metarun Pre-Alpha Release Notes v.1.00

As we inch closer to the Metarun Closed-Alpha testing phase with the community, we felt the need to share some important notes provided by the developer team.

Important Notice: The game is under development. If you find any bugs or other problems in the gameplay please send this information to us (tap the “feedback” button after the end of the run). Many elements of this build of the game will be changed and improved in the future. The goal of this version of Metarun is to show the audience a minimal gaming experience, as well as to collect all the wishes of future players.

Regards, Dev team.

⚙️ Contents of this game build

/ The current build consists of the basic game mechanics of Metarun.

/ In pre-alpha, you can have a PVE game experience. You can check 4 characters with different abilities. Also, you will see some basic boosters that can be collected through the run. You will fight different monsters and avoid various obstacles. All this stuff will be updated soon to another level, and player progression will be added to the game.

/ You can use in-game currency to improve your boosters. More currencies, such as Metarun Marketplace currency connected with the tokens will be available in the game soon. Now you can have a look through the future Marketplace.

/ Also, you can take part in a competition! The current game version collects gameplay stats on our server, so you can make it to the overall record table.

/ This build contains 2 versions of the game: HDR and noHDR. If you have a high-performance device you can download the “HDR” version with better graphics to get the full experience from the visual part of the game. If you have some performance problems, please download the “noHDR” version, which also looks good and has better performance. The performance of the game will be improved soon after we finish some development stages and will be able to expand the list of supported devices.

See you in the game 🎮. If you have questions about the game, let us know in our community — Telegram, Discord or Twitter.


Note: Metarun team members will never contact you via a DM on any platform. If you receive a DM claiming to be from our team, it is a scam!

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