Migration Announcement: Transitioning Legacy MRUN to a New MRUN Contract

4 min readFeb 21, 2024


🚀 We’re excited to announce a significant upgrade to our MRUN token system!
New token upgrade sets in stone a renewed journey for our class apart, Crypto’s first multiplayer mobile runner

The upgrade involves transitioning from the old MRUN token contract to a new “taxable” MRUN token contract. This transition is paramount for two key reasons:

  1. Preservation of Liquidity: The new token contract is essential to safeguard against potential loss of liquidity resulting from the closure of BUSD.

2. Supporting Game Development: The taxable contract is crucial to propel the ongoing development of our game.

This transition marks a pivotal moment for Metarun as well as our community. Here’s everything you need to know:

📅 Upgrade Schedule Overview:

  • Snapshot Moment: The snapshot of balances of all holders and stakers is scheduled for 29th Feb 2024, Thursday (10 AM UTC).
  • Downtime Notice: Expect a brief downtime on 29th Feb 2024, Thursday due to removing Lp and Launching/Listing new token which will cause DEX price fluctuations and delayed in-game rewards.
  • Migration App Launch: Set to launch for public use on 1st March 2024, Friday.

🛠 Upgrade Details:

  1. Snapshot Precision: We’ll capture the state of legacy MRUN balances of all holders, staked balances of all stakers, and all vested values to ensure a seamless transition.
  • The reason for taking the snapshot of stakers balances is to ensure they are able to swap their old MRUN token to new one once they are able to unstake and same goes for all the vested balances.

2. Removing Liquidity Pool (LP) of Old Token: Initially we will be draining the liquidity by selling all the tokens Metarun team currently owns.

  • This is to ensure that we are able to list the New token at the same price at the time of the snapshot.
  • Any leftover LP will be drained slowly as we collect more tokens during the Migration Phase.

3. Technical Upgrades: Modifications to the MRUN Periphery and deployment of a new contract for the taxable MRUN token are underway, with minimal impact on platform operations.

  • Taxable MRUN Token: Taxable MRUN Token will be imposing tax of 1.5% on buy and 3.5% on sell transactions.

4. Migration DApp: A deployment of the Migration DApp will facilitate the swap from legacy to taxable MRUNs, with comprehensive testing before to ensure functionality.

🌀 What This Means for You:

To ensure a smooth transition to the new taxable MRUN token, we strongly encourage our community to refrain from trading Legacy MRUN tokens after the snapshot on 29th Feb 2024, Thursday (10 AM UTC). Note: Tokens purchased post-snapshot will not be eligible for migration to ensure no one is able to migrate more tokens bought at low price after we drained the LP.

Liquidity and Platform Updates: Our team will handle liquidity operations and platform updates to minimize impact on your experience.

🎯🚀 Post-Migration Plans | Strategic Marketing and Events

After we update our system, we’ve got some cool marketing events coming up! We’ll be doing Q&A sessions, AMA’s with different web3 and NFT communities, teaming up with popular influencers for tournaments, and spreading the news through PR campaigns all over the web3 world about Metarun. It’s all about getting more people excited and talking about what we’re doing.

New Web3 Partnerships

We’re also looking to team up with other web3 projects, Guilds, and DAO’s. This is all about helping Metarun grow and getting more people from the regular web2 communities to see how cool web3 gaming is. We think these partnerships will help bring in more players and make our community even bigger.

Weekly and Monthly Tournaments

And guess what? We’re planning to have tournaments every week and month with our partners, other gaming groups, and guilds. This is going to keep things fun and active for everyone. It’s a great way for more players to join in, have a good time, and help make our gaming world even better.

📣 Stay Tuned:

  • Public Announcement: We will make a public announcement regarding the Migration DApp’s availability and next steps before its available for public use.

Important Note: To safeguard against potential scams, we strongly advise against clicking any links or interacting with contract addresses not directly shared through our official channels. The official links for the migration DApp and contract addresses will be provided exclusively via our official communication platforms.

We understand that this upgrade brings significant changes, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Keep an eye on our channels for further updates and instructions on how to navigate this transition smoothly.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in us!

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