$MRUN TGE — A Success! Off to BUIDL!

Off the heels of our successful Token Genesis Event (TGE), we saw some amazing stats despite the ongoing situations around the world — including the uncertainty of the current market fused with certain global events. We are truly humbled by the unwavering support shown to us by our community. We are using this opportunity to say thank you all for a successful TGE.

What Did We Do?
* Our TGE began with the minting and listing of $MRUN tokens at 14:30 UTC.
* Claiming of purchased tokens by IDO investors began at 15:00 UTC, followed by our seed/private sale investors an hour later — this was done to provide a smooth listing experience for our users.
* We had our initial listing on PancakeSwap with initial liquidity of $400,000. Erratic trading began almost immediately after the listing event, driving up demand. The market became more stable as more users from our IDO, and seed/private rounds joined the market.
* We have locked the initial liquidity provided to bootstrap the listing event.

🔥 Some Stats:

Listing Price: $0.03
ATH: 15x
Total $MRUN Claimed: 9,260,624.01
$MRUN Holders: 3500+
First 24h vol: $2.5m
First 24 txn: 12,000+ transactions
Initial Liquidity: $400,000
Locked Liquidity
: 1,006,126.3919 UNIV2 Locked for 6 months (Details)

Why We Did it?
Due to several extenuating factors, we had earlier delayed the token launch. However, we could no longer delay it as many internal milestones were heavily dependent on our token issuance.

The timing couldn’t have been better as we took the bull by the horn. Now, that initial hurdle is behind us. In the meantime, we have enough in our war chest for our runway up to the full product launch — so, we’re off to BUIDLing!

What Next?
As you may have heard, Metarun Alpha is upon us, propelling us to the phase of our adventure! You do love adventure, right? After all, that’s what an endless mobile runner game is all about.

We’ll soon share an updated development roadmap with our community in due course. While that’s ongoing, we encourage our community to join our conversations across our social channels — Twitter, Discord, and Telegram and engage with us as we roll out development updates. Give us your honest feedback.


Note: Metarun team members will never contact you via a DM on any platform. If you receive a DM claiming to be from our team, it is a scam!

Join the Metarun Community and become a Metarunner (previously GoFungibles)

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