Next Huge Update: Open Beta Is At Its Zenith

Get ready for an exciting new update to the Metarun game, featuring a revamped game economy, updated UI/UX design, and new features. The game is entering the next phase of its Open Beta testing phase, which will last for a couple of months after the release of the latest build.

5 min readJan 16, 2023

NOTE: the OPAL SWAP will be re-opened once the new game economy has been tested and shows reliable results.


/ The In-Game Shop is now available, where players can purchase Skins, energy bundles, and future in-game items.
/ Character balance has been adjusted, with all skins having the same speed level. However, Skins characteristics can be upgraded using the character Upgrade system
/ Character upgrade feature is coming soon, with the maximum level dependent on the NFT type and rarity.
/ A New Ranking Mode has been introduced, where players’ MMR progression will determine their rank and league.
/ An Unranked Mode is also now available, allowing free-to-play players to earn energy by winning battles.
/ League-based Earning is now in place, with higher leagues offering higher energy costs and greater rewards. The maximum league a player can participate in will be determined by the NFT they own.
/ Updates to the Leaderboard; Leaderboards for each NFT type have been added. Players in higher-ranking leagues will earn more points on the leaderboard.

— In-Game Shop. Buy Skins for OPALs

Introducing the In-Game Shop — now you can purchase Skins and Energy Bundles directly within the app using OPALs!

NOTE: Character’s Skins have the same characteristics as NFTs, but for the time being, they cannot be sold as NFTs. This feature will be available in the next update, and all the Skins purchased in the app will be convertible to NFTs.

Items bought from the In-Game shop are not currently tradable and will be made tradable after the next marketplace update

— Skins. What’s New

Explore the new world of NFT Skins and discover the latest updates to their visual icons and characteristics.

Now, all skins have the SAME INITIAL SPEED LEVEL, regardless of their Kind or Rarity.

Additionally, the maximum level of Character Upgrade will depend on the Rarity of the skin. Character Upgrade is not active yet, but will be launched with the next update.

The maximum return on investment (ROI) is now determined by the league the player competes in.

— Deeper Look at the League System

Experience the thrill of skill-based earning with our League System, where players start at the Bronze League and work their way up to higher Leagues by earning MMR points. The maximum League a player can reach depends on the NFT Skin Kind, with 10 Leagues available in total, from Bronze to Diamond.

🥉Bronze — MAX for free characters

🥈Silver (I,II,III) — MAX for Classic, Epic, and Legendary NFT skins

🥇Gold (I,II,III) — MAX for Epic and Legendary NFT skins

💎 Diamond (I,II,III) — MAX for Legendary NFT skins

Get a deeper look at the League System and discover the energy consumption and match rewards for each league. Remember, the higher the league, the higher the energy cost and rewards. Additionally, the higher the NFT Skin kind, the more league points you’ll earn, and the faster you’ll be able to move up the ranks.

Golden rule: 🏆 Higher League = Higher Energy Cost = Higher Rewards

BONUS detected: After collecting 20,000 Leaderboard points the player gets to the Master League, which means he will get a special reward at the end of the Season.

— New ‘’Unranked’’ Game Mode: Earn Energy By Playing

Try out our new “Unranked” game mode, where you can earn Energy by playing up to 5 games per day. This is a great way to earn Energy for free characters. For example, 5 Units of Energy is enough to play 1 game in the Bronze League.

Matchmaking: Golden Rules

With our new matchmaking system, you’ll be matched with players of the same skill level, ensuring a fair and competitive experience.

  1. Matchmaking is now based on the League the players play in. Compete with the same skilled competitors!
  2. If there are not enough players online, there are two options:
  • You can be matched with the lower League player. The earnings will be collected based on the lower League system
  • You will be matched with only 1 player instead of 2 to play 1 vs 1. The reward for first place is lower than the reward in the 1vs1vs1 match because the chances to win are higher in the 1vs1 match

— Daily Leaderboards: Earn OPALs or Energy By Playing

Compete in our Daily Leaderboards and earn OPALs or Energy by playing in Competitive and Unranked game modes.

The competitive Game Mode Leaderboard is divided based on the NFT Skins Kinds. Every player gets Leaderboard points for the 1st and 2nd places. The amount of points depends on the League they are playing.

The reward pull is being collected during the day and announced the next day. The more matches were conducted, the bigger the Leaderboard reward pull.

The reward pull for the Unranked Game Mode consists of Energy.

NOTE: the OPAL SWAP will be re-opened once the new game economy has been tested and shows reliable results.

How To Download The Game

📲 Android users: Head to the Google Play Store and download the game directly 👉 Google Play Store

📲 iOS users: Follow these two easy steps 👇

Step 1️⃣ Download the Testflight app from the App Store

Step 2️⃣ Once you have Testflight installed, click on the following link to download Metarun via the Testflight invite link

Don’t wait, join the fun and download the game now!




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