Reflecting on our recent milestones and forthcoming events

4 min readJun 11, 2023


Delve into the vibrant world of Metarun as we highlight some forthcoming events and reflect on our recent milestones.

1: Navigating the Opals-MRUN Swaps

We are pleased to announce that due to significant community demand, we reopened Opals to Mrun swaps for a limited period. This enabled our existing users to transition smoothly. Having concluded this phase, we have now temporarily closed these swaps once more.

Moving forward, our primary focus will be on enhancing the functionality of MRUN, ensuring it contributes to the growth and value augmentation of the MetaRun ecosystem. We are committed to ensuring that each facet of the ecosystem supports the expansion and appreciation of MRUN.

2: Steadfast Development Efforts

Our team is tirelessly bolstering the platform’s robustness, spanning from the blockchain to the gaming interface, NFTs, and beyond. We are committed to continuous research and enhancements that ensure our gaming and blockchain offering remain captivating and sustainable over the long haul. This encompasses the introduction of unique NFTs with enticing aesthetics, and the inclusion of additional blockchains in the Metarun ecosystem, diversifying our blockchain marketplace and gaming reach.

The development of the Polygon blockchain has reached its final stage, as it has been successfully deployed on the testnet. Soon, the main-net will go live, accompanied by the introduction of custom lobbies and an exciting array of new NFTs.

A: Custom Lobbies in Progress

Simultaneously, we are honing our custom lobbies, built for widespread adoption of the Metarun game. Given the game’s listing on both iOS and Android stores, as well as Visa and Mastercard compatibility, our objective is to spotlight Metarun’s potential and unique economic model to a wider audience. These custom lobbies are borne from insightful discussions with market leaders, partners and advisors dedicated to web3 games.

Benefits of Custom Lobbies:

  • Attract new users
  • Enhance business development
  • Boost app downloads
  • Stimulate social media engagement
  • Increase investor visibility
  • Foster partnerships for cross-marketing campaigns and tournaments with other web3 and NFT projects
  • Enable influencer marketing for competitive gameplay, promoting Metarun to a larger audience
  • Support cross-NFT project campaigns

Current Progress on Custom Lobbies:

Technical documentation: Completed

UI/UX: Completed

Backend blockchain work: Completed

Frontend blockchain work: Completed

Artwork: Completed

New NFT characters: Completed

Polygon blockchain: Completed

Game code: Under development

3: Launching the Ambassador Program

We are in the process of establishing an ambassador program via our Discord channel. This initiative will encourage our user base and investors to usher in new communities and investors, offering rewards based on the value they contribute to our ecosystem.

4: Revitalizing MRUN

Our team is ceaselessly committed to Metarun’s growth, All strategies, ranging from custom lobbies and the economy model overhaul to partner discussions and new marketing plans, are directed with a singular goal — to spur MRUN’s growth.

5: Onboarding Investors for Future Expansion

We’re actively seeking the backing of Metarun partners and investors to scale up our marketing efforts. Our ambition is to present an advanced, market-driven Metarun game to a larger audience.

6: Building Partnerships

We’re negotiating deals with various communities and projects to fortify the Metarun ecosystem, which will enhance MRUN’s narrative and the game’s value when our grand marketing event rolls out. Several influential projects and personalities are already pledging their long-term support.

7: Monthly Tournaments

We’re excited to revive our monthly tournaments, offering exciting rewards to stimulate player activity and community growth. The specifics of these tournaments, including how to participate, will be unveiled soon. These events not only energize our current players but also serve as a magnet for new users, expanding the Metarun community.


Custom lobbies: 6–8 weeks

Reopening Swaps : 4–6 weeks

Ambassador program: 1–3weeks

Monthly tournaments: 1–2 weeks

In conclusion: Metarun is dedicated to continuous innovation, community engagement, and strategic partnerships. With its ambitious vision, the vibrant world of Metarun promises captivating experiences and opportunities for users, investors, and partners alike.


Note: Metarun team members will never contact you via a direct message (DM) on any platform. If you receive a DM claiming to be from our team, it is a scam! Please, check our official groups for the approved admins and moderators if you need help with anything.

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