What’s OPAL And How To Swap OPALs To $MRUN

2 min readOct 25, 2022

OPAL is Metarun’s in-game currency which is convertible to $MRUN. Earn OPALs in the game and swap them to $MRUN in just one click on the Metarun Marketplace. The exchange rate is constant: 270 OPALs = 1 USD. This is how we protect your earnings from market risks. Earning crypto is easy with Metarun.

To Swap Or Not To Swap

Let’s have a look at what you can do with OPAL:

Unlock new free characters: Your default free character in the game is Ignis. To unlock Oro, you need 150 OPALs and 450 OPALs for Penna

Level-up your character: The thrill of playing an endless runner game comes from seeing your NFT character evolve into a higher character class with better abilities and greater chances of winning by levelling up.

Character level represents the base value of health, mana, speed, damage, and abilities and can be upgraded linearly. Character level determines the hero’s characteristics and max abilities level inside the game. The higher the character level, the higher the characteristics and power abilities. These, in turn, give users more chances to win the game.

Buy the NFT: Oh, yes, this is probably the most exciting utility. You can earn while playing, collect as many OPALs as possible, and buy the new NFT. No additional movements and no additional investments are needed. This feature is in progress and will be announced soon. Start collecting OPALs now!

About the Withdrawal Limits

The minimum withdrawal amount is equivalent to $20, which equals 5,400 OPALs, and the maximum withdrawal — is $250, or 67,500 OPALs per day.


  • Only OPALs received more than 24 hours ago are available for withdrawal.
  • Minimum, and Maximum threshold of withdrawal limit is respect to change in future based on the market conditions, NFT values or other economic factors

— Download Metarun For Andriod


— Download Metarun for iOS

Step 1: Download and Install Testflight from Appstore — https://apps.apple.com/app/testflight/id899247664

Step 2: After Installing, Download Metarun via the following Testflight invite link https://testflight.apple.com/join/SVLT3kjv

— Buy your first NFT Hero and start earning



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